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Micro Optics of Florida Research Microscopy

We have a strong history in helping biological researchers in outfitting their labs with the microscope systems they need to conduct their experiments and maximize their results.  From stereomicroscope and macro systems for large sample imaging to upright and inverted microscopes for cellular imaging, we have an exciting range of products and imaging software to offer.  We specialize in local, on-site consultation and demonstration to provide assurance that our instrumentation will meet your needs.

Here are some highlighted products to consider:

Zeiss Axio Zoom V16  


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Brilliant apochromatic zoom optics
  • High zoom range and numerical aperture for best resolution, versatility, and accuracy while maintaining long working distances
  • Motorized fluorescence turret available for fast, repeatable, software-driven multi-channel overlays
  • Suited for a number of life science tasks: GFP and RFP screening and visualization, sorting and documentation, automated acquisition and analysis processes
  • Extensive contrast choices: transmitted light, oblique illumination, fluorescence, polarized light, and others
  • Rapid image stack acquisition for 3D analysis with motorized focus drive
  • Deconvolve 3D fluorescence stacks of large specimens
  • Extensive 2D measurement capability
Zeiss Axio Vert A1 for Biology


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Versatile and Optically Brilliant
  • Capable of all contrast techniques: brightfield, phase, plasDIC, DIC, Hoffman modulation, fluorescence
  • Best all around inverted microscope to have in your lab
  • LED Fluorescence available—Go LED! Never change or align a fluorescence bulb again
  • From routine tasks to advanced experiments
  • Most capable inverted microscope at a wonderful price point

Zeiss Discovery Stereomicroscopes


Micro Optics of Florida

  • High resolution stereomicroscope line
  • Discovery V8, V12, and V20 models
  • Large zoom ranges
  • Apochromatic zoom optics, manufactured in Germany
  • Suitable for: Entomology, microsurgery, large sample fluorescence, invertebrate studies, and many others
  • Wide variety of objectives available to address needs for working distance, magnification, resolution, and budgetary needs
  • Wide range of stands available, with excellent transmitted light options
  • Fluorescence available and retrofittable, including LED and turret systems
  • Variety of lighting solutions, including LED and halogen
  • Easily add cameras for documentation, analysis or live display of images
Micro Optics of Florida Research Microscopy