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Micro Optics of Florida

At Micro Optics of Florida, we have heavily invested in imaging software training and expertise. We sell fully configured turn-key motorized microscope systems that can be fully driven by software, or we can help users take advantage of their existing motorized components to enable software control for precision, documentation, and repeatability of acquisition parameters.  We offer ZEN and AxioVision software by Carl Zeiss, as well as the Image Pro and Autoquant products by Media Cybernetics.  

We tailor all of our systems to meet each customer’s specific needs.


Zeiss ZEN Software  
Micro Optics of Florida
  • Seamless, intelligent integration with all current Zeiss motorized microscopes
  • Modern tab-based navigation
  • Efficient experiment design to streamline complex acquisition processes
  • Module-based licensing system
  • Ideal for motorized or manual microscope system

Zeiss AxioVision Software

Micro Optics of Florida
  • Robust and highly developed software family
  • Integration of any Zeiss motorized microscope system
  • Offers complex materials analysis modules
  • Workflow-oriented software interface for efficient use
  • Module-based licensing structure
  • Windows XP supported software
Image Pro Software Family  


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Image Pro Plus provides hardware support for most motorized microscopes and 3rd party products of all brands
  • Wide range of camera support
  • Image Pro Premier and Image Pro Insight feature all new software interface
  • Smart counting and sizing in Image Pro Premier
  • Ideal platform for taking advantage of existing motorization
  • Provides excellent price-performance ratio
  • Excellent algorithms for fast, accurate results
  • Excellent macro development support
  • Freely exchange apps and macros with other users
Autoquant X3 Deconvolution Software
Micro Optics of Florida
  • Modern, advanced deconvolution algorithms for fastest deconvolution
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Accepts Z-stacks from most major acquisition software
  • Preserves meta data to allow easy point spread calculation
  • Multiple 2D and 3D techniques available
  • 5D viewer included for advanced rendering and sharing of experiments

Let us know about your application and we will be happy to discuss the available options to help you get to the results you are after and make the most of your manual or motorized microscope!

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