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Micro Optics of Florida

We have extensive experience in all aspects of industrial microscopy solutions. From routine inspection lines to advanced materials research laboratories, we can select the correct product for your needs. If you are currently out-sourcing your materials analysis or failure analysis, we can consult with you regarding the cost of bringing these expensive processes in-house. If you have inherited microscope equipment from a previous operation, we can consult with you regarding the best way to use it for your applications.

Here are some highlighted products to consider:

Zeiss Axio Zoom V16  


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Brilliant apochromatic zoom optics
  • High zoom range and numerical aperture for best resolution, versatility, and accuracy while maintaining long working distances
  • Suited for a number of materials tasks: surface analysis, particle analysis, automated acquisition and analysis processes
  • Extensive contrast choices: transmitted light, polarized light, oblique illumination, fluorescence illumination, and others
  • Rapid image stack acquisition for 3D analysis with motorized focus drive
  • Extensive 2D measurement capability
Zeiss Axio Observer and Imager for Materials


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Motorized or encoded materials microscope systems for obtaining repeatable data quickly and accurately
  • Suitable for metallurgical labs, polymer labs, other materials analysis/observation
  • Capable of analyzing large surface areas through automation
  • Powerful software integration of processes
  • Highly cost competitive

Zeiss V8 Discovery Stereomicroscope


Micro Optics of Florida

  • Versatile Ergonomic Inspection Microscope
  • Large zoom range
  • Apochromatic zoom optics, manufactured in Germany
  • Wide variety of objectives available to adjust working distance and magnification range to customer's needs
  • Wide range of swing-arm stands available
  • Variety of lighting solutions, including LED and halogen
  • Easily add cameras for documentation or live display of images


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