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Micro Optics of Florida o	Educational Microscopy

From basic biology to advanced microbiology and geology courses, we offer extremely high quality microscope equipment at competitive quantity pricing.  Call us for our excellent range of stereomicroscopes as well!

We specialize in non-catalog microscope configurations.


Zeiss Primo Star Compound Microscope
Zeiss Primo Star Compound Microscope
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Beautiful optics
  • Student proof design elements
  • LED Lighting available
  • Swiveling head for ease of storage
Moticam X and Moticam 580 Digital Cameras


Moticam X and Moticam 580 Digital Cameras

  • Bring your microscope lectures to life!
  • Moticam X digital cameras allow students or instructors to wirelessly connect to the live microscope image with a Wifi-enabled tablet, smart phone, or PC/laptop
  • Moticam X is priced with the intent of allowing every microscope to be outfitted with a camera
  • Moticam 580HD is a stand-alone microscope camera designed for feeding a live HDMI video stream to an HD projector or monitor
  • These cameras can be equipped to any trinocular microscope whether compound or stereo, or can be ordered together with our excellent classroom microscope choices
  • Additionally, software is available to allow classroom networking of the cameras, so instructors can browse through student’s live images on the fly!
Motic BA210 Elite  
Motic BA210 Elite
  • Excellent performing student microscope
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily configured for phase, darkfield, or specific objective choices
  • Rackless stage with ergonomic control
  • Freely change between halogen and LED lighting
  • Great optical performance
  • Priced to compete
Labomed CXL Binocular  
Labomed CXL Binocular
  • Smaller, more compact microscope
  • Acceptable optics
  • Ideal for high schools or very tight budgets
  • LED lighting
  • Quality construction

All of our educational microscopes sold in Florida come with complimentary on-site installation and instruction.

We offer a consultative sales experience, and can suggest the best route for you to go when outfitting your new classroom or replacing your old microscopes.

We also offer competitive service rates, and our preventive maintenance programs are conducted by factory trained service personnel who will repair everything they can as they go along through your microscopes.

Call us for your quotation! 800-545-3996

Micro Optics of Florida Educational Microscopy