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Micro Optics of Florida - Sales Department

Micro Optics is a technology leader in microscope and image analysis solutions.  Our microscopy sales department is composed of some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. We pride ourselves on an application solution sales approach. We draw on our years of professional training and experience to help our customers find the correct microscope solution to their applications, and help them to grow their capabilities with cutting edge new equipment. 

Micro Optics of Florida

The founder and President of Micro Optics, Mark Fosbender, learned his craft in the U.S. Navy and has since received factory training from Carl Zeiss, Leitz, Leica, and Motic as well as other microscope manufacturers.  Upon discharge from the U.S. Navy, he began working with American Optical.  He wrote a detailed service and application manual on microscopes for Gillette & Sibert Microscopes. Mark founded Micro Optics in 1976, as a Carl Zeiss microscope dealer providing sales and service in Florida and has worked in the microscopy industry for over 40 years. Mark currently handles the inside sales and supports our outside sales personnel.  Mark also custom builds TEM lift out systems.

Our South Regional Sales Manager is Richard Celestine.  Rick is a graduate of Western Illinois University and began his career with Micro Optics in 1979 as Mark’s business partner.  Rick has received factory training in microscopy and advanced imaging software applications from Carl Zeiss Microscopy.  He has also received factory training in microscopy applications from Leica Microsystems, Motic and has been trained in the family of software application from Media Cybernetics and Jenoptik.  He has shown over the years a commitment to hard work and excellence that customers have come to rely on in applications from university classrooms to high end cell research labs, and from routine materials inspection microscopes to advanced material analysis.

Our North Regional Service and Sales manager is Jonathon Celestine.  Jonathon is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He began his career with Micro Optics in 2000 as a Service Technician.  He has factory training from Carl Zeiss Microscopy in microscopy applications, microscopy service and advanced imaging software.  He has also received factory training in microscopy applications from the major microscope manufacturers as well as advanced imaging software applications from Media Cybernetics and Jenoptik. Jon offers extensive experience in educational and industrial sales and the installation of advanced imaging software used in solving customer’s problems.

Our Central Regional Service and Sales Manager is Eric Fosbender. Eric studied Political Science at the University of Central Florida and began his career with Micro Optics in 2007 in the service department.  Eric also holds the position of Vice President of Operations.  In this position, Eric has expanded our sales and marketing department. He is factory trained by Carl Zeiss Microscopy and Leica Microsystems in microscopy applications, service, and advanced imaging software applications. Eric is a trained specialist in whole slide imaging and remote microscopy by MikroScan Technologies and has factory training by Media Cybernetics and Jenoptik in advanced software applications.  Eric’s professionalism, experience and knowledge allow him to customize all your microscopy needs.

Micro Optics believes in maintaining a strong, professional and experienced sales force by sending our sales staff to every seminar and training opportunity available; because training and education is key!

Micro Optics of Florida